Just Push Play

We understand the difficulties of having someone run the quiz week in and week out, so we have introduced our 'Just push PLAY' weekly quiz.

This is a quiz on a DVD and can be played on your existing TV screens throughout your establishment. It requires no laptop or computer expertise and the rounds and intervals are carefully spaced out to entertain your patrons for 2.5 hours but this can be changed with a simple push of a button on the remote control.

This new DVD Quiz Kit includes all the normal rounds and extra's like The Quizzler and the Quiz List that you would expect from one of our quiz's.

How Does It Work?

Each question displays for thirty seconds with a timer on the screen counting down to zero before moving onto the next question. You can push pause at any time to stop the quiz and the rounds are separately listed on the Main Menu to ensure easy navigation if the quiz does need to be stopped.

After the ten questions from the round are shown the Quizzler question is then displayed and then the Quizzers are asked to hand in their answer sheets.

At the end of the questions there is a five minute gap until the answers start to allow you to mark the questions sheets. During this time a series of 'Just for Fun' videos and games are played to keep the patrons occupied.

The answers will follow in ten seconds. You can pause the DVD here (or any time) if necessary.

The answers are given with a ten second gap between them and then its on to the next round.

Our questions are well researched and always current

and we always add a distinctly New Zealand flavor to the Quiz

If we know that an answer needs an explanation we always endeavour to provide that to save any "debates!"