Quiz Kits

Quiz kit

A typical quiz pack always has one handout colour picture round as well as what we call a handout "Quiz Games" Round which looks like the following


The following versions are available to order:

Premium Strength

Easily the most full bodied and robust of our range. This quiz will challenge any audience as it will test them on all aspects of trivia and beyond. Each round has been specially crafted to ensure everyone is thinking to their maximum ability. Guaranteed to keep 'Quizzers' entertained for 2-3 hours.

Full Strength

A delightfully medium bodied and well rounded quiz covering the entire spectrum of trivia topics but much easier on the grey matter than the premium strength version. This one is also guaranteed to keep 'Quizzers' entertained for 2-3 hours.

Quiz Lite

From the same stable as the Full Strength version but 'Quizzers' will expect to be finished in 1-2 hours.

Brut Strength

This is the strongest of our range. This one is well suited to those 'Quizzers' who think that too much sport is not enough! This quiz comes in two versions-you can either play for the full game or just until half time.

Champagne Edition

Specially selected for the movie, television, music and gossip 'Quizzers'. All aspects of 'entertainment' are covered, in either the Full or Light versions of this quiz.