Company Quiz Nights

Quiz Nights are a great way to bring employees together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere while still providing a challenge to even the most competitive of individuals.

Our company quiz is ideal for any occasion, and has proven to be very popular as part of a Project Celebration, Conference, Christmas party, team building event or as a fun night out.

A KIWIZ Trivia Night can be any length (but we think that somewhere between 1 - 3.5 hours is best) and contain a variety of rounds carefully designed to keep everybody entertained. We can tailor the quiz to your exact needs, and our creative team will devise new rounds where appropriate to suit particular events.

If you are wishing just an hour fun event with a degree of randomness thrown in check out our Quizingo section. This is a great product if you wish an hour of fun and mayhem.

We offer extreme flexibility, adapting the quiz and the questions during the event to ensure that you have the perfectly tailored quiz.

We are constantly innovating and developing new rounds and formats, so contact us to talk about different ideas.

Team-building Quiz events

Team-building quiz – great concept, highly original, and very successful!

Team-building is a key concept in any organisation, but it is very difficult to achieve.

QuizIT Entertainment has a range of quiz formats that give new and existing colleagues the opportunity to work together, to take responsibility for their decisions, and to win or lose by these decisions.

We don't organise Amazing Races, or Survivor type events. (We leave that to our good friends at Reality Races) but we shall give you a cost-effective, thoroughly entertaining night of team-building fun which is sure to have people talking about it afterwards: a true sign of successful team-building.

We can even tailor the event to meet your exact requirements, and we have the flexibility to adapt the quiz to ensure that we achieve perfection. For example adding a relevant Health and Safety round.

We can agree special rates for frequent bookings to satisfy the enthusiasm of your colleagues and clients for our company quiz nights.

A weekly team building quiz

The 'It's What We Do On Wednesdays' Quiz is an team building, Internet-based quiz where teams register as part of your company subscription and take part in a challenging but entertaining thirteen-question quiz every Wednesday.

Our quiz is guaranteed to provide interaction between teams without interfering with your day to day business - and is a sure way to increase motivation and boost staff morale!

To try out a free eight-week subscription, simply go to