About Pub Quiz Nights

Need to attract a regular crowd on a midweek or slow night. How about running a Quiz Night. They are simple to run and great fun for the players. More information is below, but you can also check out Wikipedia for a great summary.

A fun night out

  • Fun & Social - a quiz night is a great week night out with your friends and workmates
  • Interactive - there is a lot of interaction within the team and also between the teams. Interesting – with a great range of questions players are entertained because people are both inquisitive and competitive.
  • Rewarding - players can win prizes and also put their knowledge and competitive spirit to good use
  • Unisex - unlike some functions, quiz nights are popular with both men and women (in fact, we have quite a few married couples who met at a Kiwiz Trivia nights)
  • Efficient - a quiz night normally goes for about two hours (we have different products that can for just over one hour see Quizingo) It doesn't keep players there for too long, which is important for a mid-week night.
  • Regular - it's easier to remember if held regularly. Our most successful quiz nights are run every week (e.g. every Tuesday at 7pm)

Keys to success

All Quiz Nights are different, but there are a number of key elements to success:

  • Interesting and up-to-date relevant questions with a good sprinkling of good kiwi questions.
  • A good host
  • Prizes

Quiz IT Entertainment can help you with the first, and now have a solution for the second one (see our Just Push Play section if you are struggling to find a regular Quiz Master) and we can provide tips and suggestions for the third.

How it works

A quiz night goes for about two hours and is usually run every week, typically on a midweek night (Mon-Thurs).

  • The venue organises the microphone, tables and prizes and the host runs the competition.
  • The Kiwiz Quiz kit contains all the Answer Booklets, Handout Rounds, Score sheets and of course the Questions and Answers
  • The host asks the questions, collects the answers and sorts out the scores.
  • The team with the highest score at the end of the night wins.

A quiz night might not work in your venue, but if it does, it will likely become your most successful and profitable regular promotion.

Loyal crowd

Having hosted many quiz nights ourselves, we've seen firsthand how successful they can be.

For a lot of teams the quiz night is the highlight of the week and it's not that unusual that their team won't miss a quiz night for 2-3 years. A weekly quiz night is a perfect excuse for a group of friends or workmates to catch up on a regular basis. In the friendly atmosphere of a team based environment they can work together to beat the competition. It's much more fun and rewarding than watching television.

We are constantly amazed by how loyal and dedicated players can be. There is quite often a loud groan amongst the crowd if the night has to be postponed because the host is going on holiday. Likewise, after a break the crowd cheers the return, as if the host was a long lost friend.

A simple and cheap promotion

A quiz night is very simple to run. All the venue has to do is provide tables and chairs, a microphone, prizes and staff to serve food and drinks. The Kiwiz Quiz Kit arrives every week and everything is ready to go with a minimum of fuss.